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Drsti Precast Private Limited


About Us

Raising Buildings 10Xfaster


Years of Precast Manufacturing

Drsti precast, a leading precast manufacturer in India, is specialized in design, manufacture, delivery & installation of wide range of high quality precast and prestressed concrete structures.

  • Precision Engineering
  • Innovation Excellence
  • Quality Assurance
  • Sustainable Practices


what we offer

We Provides Unique Precast Solutions

Drsti Precast Private Limited

Manhole covers

Sturdy lids ensuring access to underground utilities, enhancing safety and urban infrastructure.

Drsti Precast Private Limited


Efficient water management preventing flooding, safeguarding landscapes, and ensuring smooth drainage.

Drsti Precast Private Limited

Box Culvert

Robust structures facilitating water flow, supporting transportation, and contributing to resilient civil engineering.

Drsti Precast Private Limited

U Drain / Drain Channel

Our customizable U drains, also known as drain channels, will modernise your drainage system.

Drsti Precast Private Limited


Utilize our premium precast kerb stones to change the appearance of your urban landscape.

Drsti Precast Private Limited

Earth Pit Chamber

Make use of our precast earth pit chambers to elevate your utility infrastructure.

Drsti Precast Private Limited

Why Us

What we do

Why People Choose Our Drsti?

Drsti Precast is the choice for superior quality, innovation, and reliability. Renowned for durability and cost-effectiveness, our solutions meet diverse construction needs with precision and expertise, setting us apart.

  • Quality & Experience

    At Drsti Precast, we blend unwavering quality with extensive experience. Our commitment ensures top-tier solutions, built on a foundation of expertise, precision, and client satisfaction.

  • Reputed Company

    Drsti Precast, a hallmark of reliability and trust. Our reputation stems from a legacy of excellence, delivering innovative and steadfast solutions that meet and exceed industry standards consistently.

Accelerate Construction with Drsti

Experience the ease of construction processes through our innovative ready-to-use solutions.


working process

How we take up Projects?


Project Evaluation & Planning

Initiate with thorough project assessment and meticulous planning for tailored precast solutions.


Precision Manufacturing

Execute the manufacturing phase with utmost precision and adherence to quality standards.

  • State-of-the-art facilities
  • Skilled craftsmanship


Timely Delivery & Completion

Ensure on-time delivery and project completion, meeting client expectations with efficient precast solutions.


Drsti Precast Private Limited

Exceptional Structural Integrity

Ensuring durability and reliability with top-notch precast solutions for diverse construction needs.


Drsti Precast Private Limited

Innovative Project Partnerships

Collaborative approaches and cutting-edge technologies delivering forward-thinking solutions for your projects.


Drsti Precast Private Limited

World-Class Manufacturing Precision

Craftsmanship and precision in every detail, providing precast elements that meet and exceed global standards.

Our Clients

Drsti Precast Private Limited
Drsti Precast Private Limited
Drsti Precast Private Limited
Drsti Precast Private Limited
Drsti Precast Private Limited
Drsti Precast Private Limited
Drsti Precast Private Limited
Drsti Precast Private Limited
Drsti Precast Private Limited
Drsti Precast Private Limited
Drsti Precast Private Limited
Drsti Precast Private Limited
Drsti Precast Private Limited
Drsti Precast Private Limited
Drsti Precast Private Limited
Drsti Precast Private Limited


our testimonials

What People Say About Our Company

Drsti Precast's integrated storm water trenches and cable channels were the perfect solution for Auroville's unique needs. Their durability and sustainability aligned perfectly with our values, and the ease of installation saved us valuable time and resources.

I've been using Drsti Precast's precast products for years, and I always recommend them to my clients. Their quality is unmatched, and their customer service is top-notch. They truly understand the needs of the construction industry.

Choosing Drsti Precast for our drainage system was a no-brainer. Their commitment to using recycled materials and minimizing waste aligned perfectly with our green building principles. Plus, their efficient design reduces water runoff and conserves resources.

Outdoor events can be ruined by unexpected rain. Drsti's slotted drain covers came to our rescue! They efficiently dispersed water on our festival grounds, preventing muddy walkways and keeping our guests comfortable and happy. They even added a touch of modern style to the venue.

In our factory, efficient drainage is critical for safety and hygiene. Drsti's heavy-duty slotted drain covers withstand the constant wear and tear, efficiently handling industrial waste and debris. They're durable, easy to clean, and provide invaluable peace of mind.

My driveway used to flood after heavy rain, causing damage and frustration. Drsti's slotted drain covers solved this problem instantly. They blend seamlessly with my driveway and effortlessly channel water away, protecting my property and making my life easier. I wish I had installed them sooner!

My property used to experience constant flooding after heavy rains. Drsti's culvert installation dramatically changed that. Now, excess water is efficiently channeled away, protecting my basement and landscaping. Their professional installation was quick and hassle-free, and the hidden culverts haven't disrupted my yard's aesthetics.

Drsti's precast culverts saved my crops! They diverted excess irrigation water from my fields, preventing erosion and ensuring optimal water distribution. Their smooth internal surface minimizes clogging, and their robust construction withstands the weight of farm equipment. Now, my yields are higher than ever.

Drsti's commitment to sustainable materials and manufacturing processes makes their manhole covers and culverts an ideal choice for environmentally conscious projects. Their use of recycled materials and energy-efficient production minimizes their environmental footprint, aligning perfectly with our green building principles.

Drsti Precast's manhole covers have been a game-changer for our city's maintenance crews. Their lightweight and easy-to-open design saves us time and energy during inspections and repairs. Plus, their durability withstands heavy traffic and extreme weather, minimizing replacement costs.