Prestressed Boundary Wall Manufactures

Our prestressed Boundary wall panels have provides robust internal and external walling solutions for a wide variety of projects. Quality raw materials with prestressed strand reinforcement ensure a durable and hard-wearing product with an attractive finished surface.

The precast concrete units provide an easy and cost effective alternative to a shuttered or block wall reducing the unpredictability of time on site. The controlled factory environment ensures accurate dimensions with quality appearance and our panels and Column.

Cast in sockets can be provided at the ends of the units in situations where panels are being “clipped” to the supporting Prestress column. An interlinking tongue and groove joint helps distribute load across a number of panels. Our experienced fitting team can install panels upon request or they can be installed by the client using regular construction plant. Interlocking panels can be sealed with a mastic compound to provide a watertight joint.


Technical Specifications

  • Using M30 Grade of Concerete
  • 3mm High Tensile Steel Standard Wires as per IS 6006-1983
  • No.of Steels Wires in Slab 4 Nos
  • No.of Steels Wires in Column 7 Nos

Prestressed Slab

S.No Length (MM) Breath (MM) Thickness (MM)
1 2140 300 50

Prestressed Column

S.No Height (MM) Thickness (MM)
1 2440 150 x 150
2 3040 150 x 150
3 3640 150 x 150
Fast Construction
Large areas can be enclosed in very short periods of time assisting construction programming and removing the element of weather dependence.
Robust Walls
Prestressed BoundaryWall provides the ideal system for providing resilient structures.
Fire Resistance
Concrete panels provide a high degree of fire resistance when compared to other alternatives.
Simple placement
Panels & Column can be delivered and fitted or supplied to site for placement with regular construction machinery.
These units can be removed and re-used as required.
Smooth, clean surface makes it easy when compared to other options. Low maintenance costs.

Typical Applications:

  • Industrial Buildings
  • Residential Zones
  • Commercial Building
  • Agricluture Fencing
  • Waste Recycling Plants
  • Earth Retaining Structures
  • Livestock Facilities
  • Storage Bunkers
  • Internal Partitions & Stables