interlocking blocks

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Concrete Lego blocks are stacked easily to solid and stable walls with endless possibilities. The blocks can be separated, taken down and re-set a whole new place

The blocks are used for swallowing and dusting of loose materials such as sand, clay, gravel, compost, garden waste, salty salt.

The blocks can be further used for semi-construction, flood barriers, edges of canals, canals and streams, shooting lanes, fireproof walls, noise walls, fish stairs and blasting walls.

A retaining wall is typically installed when there is a need to thrust the soil at level differences in the terrain. The support walls prevent water from eroding the slope and that the slope falls apart.

The wall holds the ground in place by means of its own weight - With Drsti systems you can build a support wall up to 4m without slope.


S.No Product Code Length (MM) Breath (MM) Thickness (MM)
1 IB 001 400 800 800
2 IB 002 800 800 800
3 IB 003 1200 800 800


Ideal for semi-permanent buildings

  • Flood control bays
  • Aggregate storage bays
  • Partition walls
  • Temporary Security compounds