Ever since cows ,Goat ,Pig ,& Chicken were first housed, the effective removal of the manure, slurry and the cleanliness of the cows , Goat , Pig & Chicken have been primary objectives. The Drsti Precast Slatted comes close to achieving this ideal. OUr Slat comes close to achieving this ideal. Drsti Precast Slatted concrete is ideal for containing livestock providing a smooth surface for quick wash down.

Slats can aid hoof health by allowing slurry to drop quickly into the tank below, keeping the animals feet drier, reducing the environment which supports bacteria linked to lameness conditions such as digital dermatitis and slurry heel. Our slats are designed to ensure the optimum space to surface area ratio allowing animal waste to fall easily into the storage tank below.

S.No Length (MM) Breath (MM) Thickness (MM)
1 1100 600 50

Key Features and Benefits

  • Cleanliness and comfort for building.
  • Provide adequate slurry storage
  • Low running costs
  • Low maintenance
  • Exclusion of rainwater
  • More economical use of space: no external slurry stores and associated concrete areas
  • No disturbance to the Poultry. Enhanced foot health – drier and harder
  • Lower labour requirement